Saturday, 26 March 2011


Sunlight is always the best disinfectant. We think that there is some required on revelations that the home of Annette King, where the alleged incident between Darren Hughes and an 18 year old occured, is probably the cleanest house in the whole of Wellington.

According to reports by Jonothan Marshall, King gets her house cleaned three times a week.

No one was home at King's residence today but a cleaner, who said she services the home three times each week, said Hughes' bedroom was in the upstairs part of the large villa but he had not used it for several days.

Police have already searched the home


Thats a lot - we have had cleaners before and once a week is good for your average household with kids. With just three adults - all of whom work long hours - apparently, then its hardly likely that there will be much in the way of dust fairies under the bed.

Not sure about fairies in the bed though but we digress.

So there needs to be more questions asked about this cleaner.

  • Are they paid cash perhaps?
  • Just what do they do 3 times a week?
  • Who does the paying - the taxpayer or Ms King and is it subsidised by Mr Hughes.
  • And will they still be in their job after they let slip with the revelations?
  • Will this lead to an employment court case?

And we also want to make mention of a comment that Trevor Mallard has made on Matthew Hootons facebook page - We think it will offend every hard working, good living blue collar worker out there who stuggles to make ends meet while bringing up kids. Apparently Mallard reckons that this very busy cleaner is needed because Ms King is a very very busy woman..

Trevor Mallard Matthew sometimes I think you are perceptive and then you do something like this. Annette is generally at parliament by 8am, she generally leaves about 10.30pm. She works seven days most weeks - something that is reflected in her electorate majority in a seat (extended from one) that she won from a national member and has turned into a fortress. The worst thing is that I'm pretty sure if she was a man you wouldn't complain about her getting regular cleaning help.
about an hour ago ·

Its an outrageous claim to make - implying that politicians work harder than normal folk - the sort of wage earning folk who often vote Labour. The sort of workers who will have two jobs, a huge mortgage, and the stress of bringing up young kids in this uncertain time. Mallards comments implies that politicians are so important and so busy that they need domestic help. that they are more important than the rest of the great unwashed.

It is more astounding that this sort of comment comes from someone known to be on the lefty end of the Labour spectrum. It shows that the sense of entitlement and superiority runs deep in the Labour Party.

Or is this a subtle way for Mallard to let the media know that this story requires greater scrutiny. Further destabilisation of the Labour Party only benefits Mallard. Or are wee suffereing from the same conspiratorial delusions as this woman?


kevin said...

Might be their messy 'lifestyle' creating the need for thrice weekly cleaning. Sounds like a party house. You can bet we are paying for it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

If the silly bitch needs to be at work from 0800 to 2230 every day, seven days per week, just to do her job, then she needs to be fired for incompetency.

Anonymous said...

If she leaves at 8am and gets home at 10:30pm how does the house get messy enough that it needs to get cleaned three times a week in the first place?