Saturday, 5 March 2011


We had a breakfast with a few mates the other day who are a sea salt crusted bunch.

Anyway we got to talking about markets and fish as we always do and one suggested that there is something fishy going on at the chaffers Marina Wellington Harbourside Market, where Nino Basile sells "fresh fish" which he claims is sourced from his boats that fish in Wellington, Picton and Napier.

The curious thing is he does a great sale in Orange Roughy, which isnt something you can catch easily in inland waters. So there is a very strong likelihood that it has been frozen.

So the rustic little boat with its tubs of fish may not be selling "fresh" fish but stuff that has been frozen and thawed out. That's fine - it would still be good fish but its like selling mutton as lamb, the price and taste should be considerably different.

People will pay a premium price for really good top notch well handles fresh fish. So when you buy fish - always ask - is it thawed fresh or really fresh?

There should be a big difference to your palate and to your wallet.


MikeySmokes said...

So many people seem to either not care or not know.
I think your right about the Roughy though, Im pretty sure most of it is caught way out wide and frozen

tinkleberry said...

Muppets. Why would he sell thawed frozen roughy and compete against his fresh fish sales?