Tuesday, 12 July 2011


So Don Nicolson gets the nod as a flash harry candidate for ACT. He is a Southlander - solid and dependable. And unlike just about every other swinging dick in ACT his ears aren't painted on. He listens to wise counsel.

However ACT needs young vibrant go getters of the ilk of Cactus Kate aka Cathy Odgers, if they have are to have even a nanosized chance of being back in the round house again.


Keeping Stock said...

Absolutely agree; a line-up of Don, John, John and Don immediately alienates 50% of the electorate. Cactus needs to be no lower than #3 on the list behind Brash and Boscowen, with Nicholson at #4. Banks doesn't need to be on the list; if he can't win Epsom, he doesn't deserve to be back in Parliament.

And what about Cathy standing in Akld Central against Nikki Kaye and Jacinda Ardern; would that be a good contest?

Lambcut said...

The Don will be a great asset to ACT. As the Brunette has indicated he is an excellent seeker of good advice and information. Less of the conceit of National and the stupidity of Labour.

Anonymous said...

Perfect for ACT. He always displayed a spectacularly tin ear for which issues to raise and when as head of Fed Farmers.