Tuesday, 12 August 2008

GG's and PMs pay

well this is an interesting story and as always shows that the politics of envy is alive and well. I work with one of the previous esteemed ones - they are on a board i work for - i would have to say that at their ripe old age they are doing more for this country in many many ways than some of the dorks I see being promoted to many of the other orgs i have worked with. leave them alone - public life is not easy and its a bloody pittance - divide the total amount up by all out tax payers and I reckon we are getting our moneys worth...


B.S. said...

You asked on Kiwiblog how to add an RSS feed ?

euminedes said...

yes i did

can you help/

B.S. said...

Try this:

Login in to your blogger account ( if not already).

In the top blogger menu ( on the right) there is an option "Customise", click.

This will bring up a layout view of your blog.

Select "Add a Gadget"

This will bring up a list of gadgets one of which will be "Add a feed".

Select and after Blogger adds it select save.


Bryan Spondre
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