Monday, 9 May 2011


Crikey - Bustedblonde and the Brunette bugger off to the traditional killing fields and Lambcut finds her inner arab, Don Brash gets a hard on , Trevor Mallard launches a smear campaign of stellar proportions which could indicate he will announce his retirement soon and Hone Harawira cuddles up to terrorists.

And somewhere deep in the heart of Pakistani suburbia America finds Osama Bin Laden in the first place they should have looked - his house.

While sitting on an island far far away BB and the Brunette had to listen to RNZ as it was the only station that had reception so far south.

So 0ur predictions?

If Brash doesn't shut the fuck up and stop burbling on to journalists and have a bit of a think before he whistles wank words through his rabbitty molars - ACT will be history.

Getting a hard on as the new leader of ACT is understandable but poor old Bustedblonde and Brunette struggled to listen to RNZ as Don droned on for no good reason.

Message to Don - less is more. Economy of thought and in speech old bean.

And Rodney Hide showed great dignity in defeat. We hear he wants a new life with a new bubs and missus. We wish him well.

We were also ever so pleased that Dr Brash gave Heather Roy nothing. Its what she deserves.

As to Hone? Ya toast mate - sorry but the only bastards who vote for you are the pricks who seldom piss before lunch so there is no way they are going to get out of their own way to saunter along to the polling booth.

And to America? Can we have the facts about Obama please? And we will need to batten down the hatches- there a long war on the horizon and it will not benefit NZ.

And finally to Trevor Mallard - you sad sorry idiot. We still cant stop laughing over the "twenty questions" blog stream - the origins of these rumours, is a couple of deep throats, in more ways than one, who have a voracious sexual appetites that required political variety.

We bet that there is a wet willy somewhere in Labours ranks.

And to the authors of the 5 texts who wondered if we were in anyway involved in the Brash Coup- We don't do bloodless coups- too boring. And besides the Brash coup was really an elegant updated version of a successful strategy- that level of sophistication is way beyond the capabilities of our simple dimple brain.

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alex Masterley said...

twenty questions?
what did I miss?
please help remove the log from my eye.