Saturday, 21 May 2011


We had a great day today  - it started at the Masterton Farmers Market where we  bought some lovely Paulownia Rose and Pinot Gris and some Kingsmeade cheese . We wandered around the market which is small but perfectly formed , sipping on a luscious latte from Machiatto. There are fresh organic veges, fish, meat, pies and pasteries, breads, pickles, fat juicy rasberries from the Wee Red Barn, wine, beer, olive oil and preserves from Martinborough Manner.

Today we bought a head of celeriac which must qualify as one of the most ugly veges but we have made a remoulade and its lovely and fresh - a tasty memory of summer past.

We were at the market by 9am - and it was quiet enough to be able to talk to a couple of the stall holders.
The bloke from Kindsmeade is a quiet charmer and soon we had strolled off with 4 different cheeses. We have a cheese and pickle tasting at work on Monday so had promised to bring some Kingsmeade cheeses and some of our homemade pickles- if they last that long! We also had a chat with Vaughan Paul who owns Paulownia. One thing we like about small vineyards is the passion the owners have for the product.

Vaughan loves his wine and loves people loving it just as much.

We also met Farmgeek who is a tweeter as well. He runs the market. Today we also learnt that the market does have an EFTPOS.. That could be a major threat to our bank balance!

We will  be asking Farmgeek who the musicians were at the Market today  - two lovely blokes were crooning our sort of tunes - country .  Makes a girls heart sing does that sort of music..

We also bought some quiveringly fresh  liver and a bit of nice  sweet smokey bacon and had liver and bacon on our return home.

When we we got home we were inspired to make a few things. So first up was a lovely  Focaccia bread which turned out really well. Then it was a big pot of vege broth to keep us going at work - with a ginormous carrot added from our garden and a bone from one of our recently slaughtered lambs to give the soup some character.

Then we harvested our horseradish - its powerful stuff and we cant wait to try it out with a bit of fish.

As we sip our Paulownia  Pinot Gris, which is not too fruity  and has a surprising amount of depth and character -  we are thinking it will be lovely with our remoulade.

If you are over in the Wairarapa or stuck for something to do the Masterton market is well worth a visit.

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