Tuesday, 17 May 2011


We have waited albeit rather impatiently for the keepers of the kawa of Te Tii Marae to give Titewhai a bollocking and boy it may have taken a while but its an epic bollocking that does Nga Puhi proud .

They have accused the scrawny old harridan of "rancidification" of Marae protocul and "political poncing."

Its about time someone stood up to this ex con who has been a puffed up old chook with too much to say for herself for way too long.

Trouble is people forget that this old bully once served time for assaulting a mentally ill patient and told them to "kill a white and die a hero."

So its good that the people of the Far North have called time on the old crim.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, about time.

What place can there be in civilised relationships for a venemous old viper such as her always stirring up a cess pit of cynical grievances and flying in the face of all decency and protocol.

Worries me what others learned at her apron springs. Saw the mockery and shame of a moko of hers interupting the karanga as she herself led a delegation of manuhiri onto a marae...very sad.

Indeed a proud Napuhi moment. Tihei mauri ora. Kia kaha.