Friday, 20 May 2011


There are bits of the budget we don't like but understand and agree with like the reductions of govt contributions to kiwi saver which puts the onus back on the individual to take more personal responsibility for their future.

We like the continual pressure to find efficiencies in the public service sector. From within its great to see how this pressure has meant that departments have developed better approaches to service delivery. In plain English, they are just a whole lot better at doing more for less. But still more can be done.

But we reckon that the big flaw in the budget is that it is a plan for the best and hope like frikking hell the worst doesnt happen. Whereas we have always believed in the business planning maxim of plan for the worst - hope for the best.

The only people who ever consistently base their future on the "plan for the best" approach are gamblers.

So while we think that the budget offers up some good bits, it doesnt do enough hard enough and fast enough for us. Leaving most of the changes to the next year and using the election as a mandating approach is fraught and again a gamble.

So to our PM - heres our song for you - courtesy of our favourite country crooner - Kenny Rogers - The Gambler. F**k we hope ya got it right mate - otherwise we will be joining the PIGS at the trough of economic despair.

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Anonymous said...

In the cold light of day this is nothing but the worse budget ever in the history of NZ

$16bn black hole this year. Continued massive borrowing for years - the "growth" figures are laughable --- little to do any good; and far, far to high compared with the economy's actual performance after the last 5 years.

Once the exchange rate correct's itself, we go from 120% to 300% nett debt - and then it's all over

This is an unimaginably irresponsible budget.