Sunday, 22 May 2011

There Has Always Been Money in Soothsaying

Posted by Lambcut

It seems our man Harold Camping was wrong about the rapture. There hasn’t been any disappearing Christians though it is said there may have been some money mysteriously disappeared into Camping’s pockets.

There has always been money in soothsaying. John Dee was employed by Elizabeth I as her personal advisor and soothsayer. He studied the Talmud, Rosicrucian theories and practiced alchemy in hopes of finding the Philosopher's Stone. (You thought that was only in Harry Potter, didn't you?) Dee was said to have had a copy of the Necronomicon. H. P. Lovecraft made a buck or two out of the concept later on.

Nostradamus did a bit of soothsaying for Catherine de Medici who became Queen Regent of France. Monsieur N predicted the deaths of a number of Catherine’s family. An excellent alibi, in those days I suppose, for anyone that wanted them dead. Catherine eventually endowed him with the title of Physician in Ordinary. The position apparently came with a very tidy salary and other benefits.

I am writing a strategic report and board advisory just now. I’ll be expected to say a sooth or two in those. After that, I predict, I will put in my invoice then take a draft of cleansing ale.

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