Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Weird Windsors

Posted by Lambcut

The Windsors are a deeply weird lot. (Their real name is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, but they changed it out of embarrassment about their family connections).

But that aside, what would you think if you had a big white wedding and most of your friends and family were not invited to the party? The Middleton’s went back to an after match function at the Goring Hotel where they had been staying the night before the wedding. They were not invited to the groom’s parent’s place. The Windsor’s put on the main do at their place for their chosen A list-ers. Apparently many of the bride’s family and friends did not qualify. It was breathtakingly rude and there was no need for it. The Middleton’s look like a good successful family who could mix anywhere. They, unlike the Windsors, are not state welfare beneficiaries and they are better dressed too - see below. Marriages need support from family and friends. It seems the Windsors didn’t learn much from the Sarah and Di divorces. Shame.

Beatrice Windsor


robertguyton said...

If that's the Queens 'O'-ring seat cushion, what the hell was Beatrice doing in the lead-up to the wedding???

tina said...

I hadn't thought of the o-ring analogy but it's quite insightful.

Lambcut (the brunette is still away)

Anonymous said...

I think you're wrong about the Middleton's not being invited to the function at Buckingham Palace. One of the linked articles you link to mentions :

The music continued until 2am. Among the songs played were You’re The One That I Want from the musical Grease. William had requested songs by rapper Tinie Tempah and the Body Rockers’ I Like The Way You Move.
Even the mother of the bride had a request and asked for the 1986 Jermaine Stewart song We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off to be played.

Charles (no relation)

tina said...

The bride, the bridesmaid and their parents were invited to the groom's parent's place. Most family and friends were not.

tina said...

You are right though, I should have mentioned that the bride, the bridesmaid and their parents were there. The party at the groom's parent's place would have been a tad difficult to pull off without at least the bride present.


Cactus Kate said...


Your output is pathetic. More posts.

tina said...

Dear Cactus

It is enough that I am posting at all. I am only looking after the beast for the Brunette in a caretaker role. I am not here to facilitate growth or change management. And, I'll have you know, whilst blog post are down numerically, traffic is not. So stick that up your prickly nose.

Kind regards