Tuesday, 17 May 2011


There is a new blog worthy of a read leading up to the election. Its Maui Street. We have been watching it for a while to see if the writer Morgan Godfrey was going to stick with it. He is an open supporter of Harawira and the Mana party.

There isnt much he writes that we agree with but he articulates his position well. Most New Zealanders are open to hearing dissenting views. The more we talk and listen, the more we learn and understand. So we think that Maui Street is a welcome addition to the colourful rainbow that is the NZ political blogosphere.


Morgan Godfery said...

Hi Brunette,

Thanks for the mention!

IHStewart said...

He is a great boogger and Kudis to you fot highlighting him.
Politically I am left . Morgan is very left in my opion, I don't agree ith him sometimes.

Morgan has added to the Aoterao blogesphere.
I would agre he is the best Maori blog.