Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Its starting to look like TVNZ, - in particular Te Karere, are helping Hone Harawira run his election campaign for Te Tai Tokerau.

We get up pretty early, like most country folks - so we get to see the repeat of the night before Te Karere programme with the added bonus of sub titles- which is pretty useful for us southern white chocolate half caste muttonbirders who aren't much chop at te reo.

And lo and behold - who's up first but Hone - waxing lyrical about all sorts of stuff. Its not the first time and as we watch Te Karere nearly every morning we have come to form the opinion that the state funded Maori news programme are Hone cuddlers and are anti the Maori party.

Someone needs to tell those who have editorial control of this programme to pull their heads in and show some balance.

We want to see more probing interviewing - rather than allowing Hone to slag off everyone else.

A wise kaumatua said to us the other day that Hone was good at promotion - of himself. He is and we think he is being ably supported in his cause by some sychophants on the Te Karere team.

The people of Northland deserve better - and they need to vote strategically for Kelvin Davis - a man with real Mana.


Anonymous said...

You could add Maori tv as another Hone cheerleading broadcaster. Native Affairs is clearly partial to Hone and openly hostile to the Maori Party. And of course Willie Jackson has only enough time to take a gulp of air before reattaching his ngutu ki te nono o Hone.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Brunette. For similar views check out this blog which I have just come across: http://quiteinterested.blogspot.com/