Thursday, 9 June 2011


Robert Guyton has been given a serve by Environment Southland about blogging. Seems his fellow councillors were a bit miffed about him reporting about issues from an in committee meeting. Fair enough. In committee is used for sound reasons.
We like GuytOns gardening stuff but his lefty piffle is tiresome but we defend his right to blog. Indeed we think that blogging is a good way for councillors to stay in touch with their constituents.


robertguyton said...

Tiresome piffle?
Too right.
I expect most righty commentators would prefer I was muffled or strangled or whatever, so it's gratifying to read that you "defend his right to blog".

Lambcut said...

An unhappy side effect of freedom of expression is the necessity to allow the loony left to make a tiresome noise.

It's rather like the unwelcome side effects of a therapeutic pharmaceutical. Tiresome left wing drivel often causes fatigue, drowsiness and nausea. It can cause confusion and psychosis in vulnerable individuals. But we need to tolerate it for the overall good of our health.