Sunday, 26 June 2011


Okay he is a dick. This story in the Herald on Sunday will be his final undoing. What a big swinging dick - wanker.
We got it wrong yesterday.
But its not sexism that has been his undoing its the one thing that always undoes men and for that matter - arrogance. Blinds the powerful to reason and and good sense more than any other vice.

It will be very interesting to see who the EMA (northern) replace him with and when they replace him they should do something about their website- its a dogs breakfast.

But it does not excuse Campbell Live for its shameful reporting of this matter. No doubt they will use these latest revelations as a justification for what they did to Thompson in the Forbes interview.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you reconsider. I know his type - deal with them all the time in my line of work (I'm a middle aged Maori bloke who I guess could be called high up on the food chain). They are sexist idiots. And finally this one has been caught out for his thick headed views. I'm a little dissapointed in Cactus who seems to want to give Thompson a get out of jail free card. He doesn't deserve it. Also, the critical question is a value based one for Men and Women. If you take a coupla days off a month, and still ensure value returns to your employer, then who cares? Pay the same. And hey, we need kids alright - someone has to pay for our old age. Glad the wahine are up for it cause I sure as hell aint (thank you God for making me a man - my wife went through hell delivering each of my kids - she's a freaking hero). So why should women be penalised for making a very selfless decision that has clear economic benefits (on the whole) for our society?

H Stewart said...

" It will be very interesting to see who the EMA (northern) replace him with "

Good question, I suspect that it will be a woman. What a shame Catherine Rich doesn't live up here.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what Thompson has done particularly, but what I have drawn from this incident is how focussed the NZ work-place still seems to be on clock-punching. If an employee is worth hiring their productivity will be derived from overall performance and not so much from the days or weeks when they performed. We all have times when pressures ease and we do not stretch ourselves while at other times, commercial dictates mean we are fully exerted. A good employer will undoubtedly recognise this.

PS On the strength of this, I may take Monday off...

Paul Marsden said...

Why are changing your position in this matter based purely (I presume), on what has been reported in the mainstream press?

Isn't presumption the mother of all fuck-ups??

Anonymous said...

Really, what is the point of the EMA any way? To give themselves a point and not disappear into oblivion they have in some areas merged with Chambers of Commerce, a respected international organisation and in NZ a lot of the local Chambers work very hard to improve the business conditions of their members, many of whom are sole-charge operations (not just employers)