Thursday, 23 June 2011


We reckon that there is truth in what Alasdair Thompson says - the modern workplace is very accomodating to women - as it should be but lets face it - we aint that flash to be around for a couple of days a month. And for some women the physical agony of the monthly curse does see some take sick leave.

It probably up there with Manflu for common reasons given for taking sick leave.

Thompsons career is in tatters - but the PR idiot who let him do those dreadful TV interviews tonight needs to be tied to a kauri stump so good women can chuck tampons at him.

Sad really - by all accounts Thompson is one of the good guys.


Anonymous said...

nah - he's always been a cretin - ex social credit, and EMA has achieved nothing other than pay him a fat salary......

grumpy old lady said...

The modern workplace is more accommodating of all people, not just women. The guy's an idiot. He should know the research that the Govt - yep, this government - put out that showed that young men and women at the same age early in their working career, doing the same jobs, with the same qualifications, without kids and the like were paid differently - the guys got more.
However, now I know it's compulsory according to the EMA for women to take a day off a month, maybe I should start doing so.

Storm Ina de Cup said...

Join this page to attend the The Alasdair Thompson Women's Monthly Day Off!/event.php?eid=113836228705799

I'm happy to be paid less than my male colleagues if it means I get a week off every month.

Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

Alasdair stated a fact as he understood it (albeit stated it badly) – that some women take time off for bad periods, or for looking after sick children. But he NEVER said:
+ that he SUPPORTED lower pay for women because of this.
+ or that pay rates should be DIFFERENT between men and women.
+ or that he felt women had a lower work OUTPUT simply because of their biology.
But some employers DO pay women less because of their biology, or their child-nuturing, or don’t promote/train them too highly (in case they fall pregnant and thus be off-work and a loss to the company)…or just ‘because they’re women and that’s the way the pay scale’s always been’.
Yes, it’s sexist. Yes, it’s a sour part of the current employment reality. Yes, it should be changed. Yes, it's illegal. And no, I don’t have the solution. However, sacking Thompson is not the answer. The debate should be about how to remove sexism in the workplace.

Paul Marsden said...

We've all been duped by TV3. Go read Brian Edwards comments/TV3 Producers'comments, in reply at NBR. Appalling 'journalsim'.