Thursday, 9 June 2011


We were feeling very stupid yesterday - somewhere in the meelee of the day we managed to flip our monthly train pass out of our purse and lose it. We didn't realise we had lost it till we went to retrieve it from our purse on the 4.30 train.

It is $390 and we are only a third of the way thru the month so it was shaping up to be a costly loss.

We had written our name and phone number on the pass so the conductors say they will be keeping an eye out on anyone trying to use my old pass if it comes to light.

The conductors told us what to do to get a new pass.

Firstly check if it was handed in. No it wasn't.

Secondly report the theft to the police - we did - an hour later and we had done that.
Thirdly the decision on a refund required proof of purchase - in this case our darling partner came in handy as he had the reciept and the bank statement and finally a copy of the police file number had to be sent to the retail manager of Kiwirail.

We had his contact details from one of the Kiwirail staff and texted him first.

Then we emailed him when we had all our details sorted.

We had our replacement pass to pick up by about 2pm this afternoon.

Two things did surprise us - the need to get a police statement - but I suppose that is to deter any fraudulent claims. And secondly - I would have been happy to pay - say $25 for the time of the Kiwirail staff to issue a new pass.

So "big ups" to Kiwirail and the conductors who happily guided us through the process.

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