Thursday, 2 June 2011


Apparently that what we are - high users of social media and digital communications. We are not as savvy as the younger generation - the digital natives. While we lived in a time without the internet the natives know nothing else And then there are the digital dinosaurs.. Those who just dont get it.
Our view is that social media has to be incorporated into the workplace in much the same way as other technologies have been. We remember the early days of the cellphone where our newsroom had one for the entire staff of about 15. We got our own. And we got the stories.
In the last week I have booked a meeting on twitter, regularly get tweets from journalists , and have bought stuff on line and taken part in a myriad of discussions.
To shut out social media in the workplace is to create an organisation of luddites.
There are some very funky, easy to understand rules and guidlines around social media use in the workplace that would be easy to institute.
Like this one ..

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