Thursday, 16 June 2011


Woo. Gillard is an odd fish... so like Clark


TV: “Before we start, as we stand here on Thursday afternoon, do you accept that tomorrow will be Friday?”

PM: “We have always supported the standard structure of the calendar and acknowledge that the public expect a regular system that provides the rhythm necessary for everyday planning and life structures. We feel very strongly about this.”

TV: “So you do agree that tomorrow is Friday?”

PM: “It isn’t important whether it is Friday or Monday. What is important is that unexpected changes don’t interfere with the normal expectations of the public - and this government has a solid record in supporting those expectations.”

TV: “But as today is Thursday, surely you can confirm that tomorrow is Friday?”

PM: “Everything is relative and whether the next day is Wednesday or Sunday is dependent on where you stand at the time. We have never challenged the current system and have the full support of the unions on this. Most intelligent people agree that changes are not required.”

TV: “Well then, what day is tomorrow?”

PM: “Tomorrow is the next day in our plan to further develop our marvelous country in many areas. We plan to continue providing better health care, reduced debt, reduced unemployment, controlled immigration and to be a world leader in controlling global warming.”

TV: “Returning to the question, can you not confirm that Friday is tomorrow?”

PM: “Friday is always around. It has been around many times before and will be around again many more times. Which is why we need - as a responsible government - to plan and organise for the future. Not just for tomorrow, but for our children and their children.

TV: “Prime Minister, the viewers are waiting for your answer on what day you think tomorrow is?”

PM: “We are dealing with bigger issues here. The Friday, Saturday, Sunday thing is not important or relevant to the scheme of things. They need to understand the critical issues and focus on the matters of concern, such as the condition of our nation and how we can continue to develop it so that all may reap the benefit.”

TV: “I’m sorry, we seem to have lost the point here again. Are you saying that it isn’t Friday tomorrow?”

PM: “The reality is that it is not important what day it is. What is important is how we handle the situation - and my government is handling it with solid policies evolved from the mandate the people gave us.”

TV: “But we just want to know if you agree that it will be Friday tomorrow?”

PM: “Let’s remain focused here. It is the nation that is important and we stand fast and rock steady in our dedication to the job in hand In closing, let me say this one more time – we are fully committed to the task and have commissioned a report that will enable us to develop the plans for the future. Thank you.”

TV: “Prime Minister .......??”

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