Saturday, 25 June 2011


Heather Roy has gone hard out today to try and convince the country that she is quitting politics on her own terms. This is predictable behaviour from a woman who has always put herself before the party.

Thing is, Roy did not quit - that's bullshit spin- she was pushed by Brash and it wasn't a gently shoulder tap but a elegant boot up her skinny arse "push."

But Roy has sucked in the media and convinced them that she is leaving on her terms.

The most hilarious part of all this is we are pretty confident that Roy would not have considered leaving until Cactus Kate made it clear she was about to seek party nomination. We bought you that news first on Roarprawn.

That scared the crap out of Roy. Cactus is an intellectual articulate woman of the global village while Roy is a mumsy disloyal fluffy headed bint who wets her pants over soldier boys.

Having Cactus in caucus would have seen Roy reduced to a pile of menopausal detritus in double quick time.

Brash is clearly and rightly moving to strengthen the backbone of the party.

So there is no room for a spare ribs of no effect like Roy and that other seriously odd ginga Hillary Calvert. We are expecting Calvert will also announce that she would rather be back in Dunedin buying up more properties for the local sex trade soon.

Go Cactus - Your Country needs you.


Irish Lass said...

Should make the next BOIL UP very interesting indeed. Go Cactus!

big oils bro' said...

"Irish Lass" Good luck back in Ireland, going to miss listening to you.
ka kite