Friday, 3 June 2011


We blogged on the stories we had been hearing about Sonny Bill Williams sickly opponent a few days ago. Alipate Liava'a is under investigation for benefit fraud after it was revealed that he was on a benefit for a tennis elbow which prevented him from working but did not prevent him from boxing.

We also think this incident has ramifications for Sonny Bill. This was a charity match but SBW is a brand and its not good for a brand to be tainted in any way and the revelation that his overweight and by boxing standards - elderly opponent, is on a benefit is opening him up to all sort of ridicule.

The big fight is nothing less than whopper boy SBW fighting a sifty cripple.

His handlers and promoters need sacked.

New Zealanders have had enough of people ripping off the benefit system. Bring on the Welfare changes. There is little enough money to go around as it is these days and we would far rather it goes to people who are really in need instead of those who make a mockery of the system.


Keeping Stock said...

Great minds think alike

It's not the kind of publicity that SBW, Khoder Nasser and Anthony "The Man" Mundine would have been seeking.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for sending every sifty bugger rorting the welfare system into the ring with SBW

Cactus Kate said...

Well said.

However anonymous is correct. Have SBW smash them all up.