Saturday, 25 June 2011


Someone suggested we take a look at the full TV3 interview between Alasdair Thompson and Mihi Forbes.

We did - it will shock you .

This is not ethical journalism - it shows bias and possibly malice and does not present the issue in a fair and balanced way. What TV3 did on Campbell live was shameful. It edited out the rational response of Thompson in the early part of the interview, which frankly shows he is an advocate for women.
Brian Edwards has rightly damned Campbell Live as practitioners of dishonest journalism.

We hope that Thompson takes them to the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

Its the sort of gutter tactics we have come to expect from Campbell Live.


Jacqueline said...

Amen to that.

His comments were silly and not very well thought out, however the response to them has been absolutely crazy, over the top, disgusting, and sillier than anything that he said.

I never believe a thing that i see on Campbell Live - and this is just one example why.

Nick K said...

The only thing missing from Campbell was a dubbed voice from an actor claiming to be a real person.

Or Campbell shouting over Thompson like he did with Ken Ring and the earthquake "interview".

Paul Marsden said...

How can TV3 be so effing stupid??
It puts a huge blight on their excellent coverage from Christchurch.

KG said...

Good for you! Too much of this crap "journalism" goes unremarked.

John said...

'fraid not. What we eventually got from Thompson was the real man, not the spin he peddled for the first part of the interview. It was a wonderful exercise in showing how the powerful go about trying to maximise their message. The almost always succeed, mainly because they have the discipline to stay on message, no matter how hard the question line. He simply lost control and revealed himself to the nation, again.

KG said...

"What we eventually got from Thompson was the real man.."
Oh yeah..and God forbid we should ever get a real man in NZ, the land of metrosexual pussies too afraid to stand up to the feminazis.

Jacqueline said...

"'fraid not. What we eventually got from Thompson was the real man, not the spin he peddled for the first part of the interview."

How are you qualified to make that judgement call for the rest of New Zealand? What qualification do you have to decide for the rest of us what part of the interview is "real" and what is spin?

A balance reporter or journalist would give the public all of the information and let us decide for ouselves!

Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

Throughout this fracas, I've always maintained that Alasdair is a good man with heart in the right place (albeit with perhaps dislocated mouth).
Let's hope the EMA top dogs view the ENTIRE interview before deciding whether to throw Thompson to the wolves.
He does NOT deserve that.

John said...

"A balance (sic) reporter" looks beyond the spin to get to the real story. They don't accept people at face value - they question, probe, and ask for evidence. A good reporter will have done hundreds, even thousands of interviews, and will be aware that many interviewees have an agenda that they are trying to push. A good reporter will realise they are not there to act as a mouthpiece for the powerful.

Jacqueline said...

This was not fair, balanced, ethical, or honest reporting by any stretch, no matter what spin you want to put on it.

You do not have the right, or the qualifications to decide for the rest of us what we should believe, no matter how many interviews you have done.

Your show has become cringe worthy.

john said...

First, it's not my show. Second, I'm not telling you what to believe. You obviously have your own obtuse reading of the interview, so I'll leave it there.