Wednesday, 8 June 2011


We have been enjoying getting back in the saddle after an hiatus of about a decade.

Our new horse Floyd is very entertaining - Some horses lack for personality - not Floyd.

We have gone for some nice rides and Floyd takes a great interest in his surroundings.

We have been for a couple of gallops along the road as well.

It seems we are not the only big chick who rides a horse - Here is a blog devoted to fat chicks who ride horses!

Anyway we have been giggling all afteroon. Our mate the Irish Lass enquired politely how our body bits were coping with riding.

We explained that despite the ample padding on our derriere, that our arse bones were frikking sore and that was a source of great mystery to us.

She explained that, in her opinion, my arse was acting the same way buildings did in the Christchurch earthquake.

That the up and down movements caused a ripple effect of ginormous energy sideways and that meant that the fat was shuddering over my bones...

Yup - my pelvis is the epicentre of all that quaking cellulite I'm sure.

The other odd fascination I have is how we sit on our frilly bits yet after a ride they are still frilly despite the pounding they get after a sitting trot!

We got a mirror out just to check ( in the interests of medical research) and did a before and after and lo and behold apart from a slight plumping all is normal even after an hour in the saddle.

Who needs labiaplasty?

All those worried about how their frilly bits look need to do is head along to the nearest riding school for a half hour sitting trot.

Ah the wonders of the human body.

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Lambcut said...

So, Floyd plumps your frilly bits. Perhaps you should bottle him and sell the essence. It might spell an end to the hormone replacement industry.