Friday, 16 April 2010


Our favourite watering hole is to close.

15 April 2010
 To All My Dear Customers
 After many months of negotiation with our landlord over a rent increase, it has become clear that we are no longer able to stay at our present site of 11 Woodward Street. A new tenant will be moving into the space sometime in May.
 Our 20th Anniversary party on April 30th will certainly still take place but it will be our last day of trading and also a fond farewell from us all at the bar.
 In saying that, there has been some activity regarding new investors and potential new sites in which to relocate, but time constraints and commitments elsewhere exclude me from any involvement for now. I firmly believe a new and enthusiastic team could easily take up the reins again and continue the Beaujolais tradition at another site. Watch the spaces!
 For myself, I would like to thank all of you for your unwavering loyalty and patronage over the twenty years that I have owned and managed the bar. It’s been a hair-raising   and wonderful ride that seems to have finished in an instant and I am left with many fond memories, many, many friends and enormous respect for an industry that really sorts out the ‘men from the boys’. (And as a woman in this racket, I’m amazed that I’ve lasted this long!)
 So for the next two weeks I urge you all to come in for a last drink (or two or three), a last meal, a last gathering of friends in the special ambience that belongs to Beaujolais. I will be at the bar all day and night of the April 30th with Anton, Casey et al to say my farewells and shed a tear or two with you.
 I sincerely hope to see you there.
 Kindest regards
 Debra McMillen

This is very sad as not only is Beaujolais our wine bar of choice it's also one of our favourite lunching places. 
We have had many, many of a good evening ( and afternoon) in the back cubby  talking crap, plotting to change the state of politics, gossiping, and generally raising our glasses to the  passing  of the day with the best of mates. 

The wine list was great, the food was some of Wellington's best and the series of mien hosts always convivial. 
It had the sort of small and intimate bar feel that will be hard to recreate in another location. 

We will keep you posted if there is a reincarnation in another location as suggested above


Anonymous said...


What an appallingly short-sighted landlord. There goes Woodward Street's flavour.

I grew up on that street, and have seen The Buttery close, now this.

Shocked and saddened.

Anonymous said...

I am gutted! BB, it is where you and I met, and so many chats leaning over the table with Hooten holding court... we drank wine and thought we were invincible... can you have a drink/toast for me sweetie... Jackie M

mojo said...

Indeed, it warrants a wake.