Thursday, 8 April 2010


We cant claim to watch breakfast TV. Occasionally we will take a peek at the news at the top of the hour on TV1 but Oliver Driver was always too smarmy for us. 

Paul Henry's irreverence fits us well. 

So we did not even blink when TV3 Sunrise programme got the chop today. TV3 is in the business to make a profit - not to aid our early morning digestion. 

And then we flick over to the Eye to the Long Run Blog  by economist and irreverent cynic Brent Wheeler. 

He says what we wanted to only better. 

Now “Sunrise” – apparently a commercial disaster – falls. But we have a Canterbury University media academic commentator saying…. well with the “owner” being Iron bridge (a private equity group) as owners, we cannot expect a decent owners interest in news…. these guys are only after profits.
So what do you want in a business????? Profit is utterly neutral. It has no interest in left, right or centre…. it ought to be the ultimate owner.
Bad case of be careful what you wish for.

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Kate said...

I just said "too bad, enever mind" when I heard the news about Sunrise. I have watched it several times, probably for a combined length of about five minutes, usually because the TV was already on 3 from another programme when I turned it on. I like Paul and Coran (spelling?) and Tamati. Both hubby and I like Pippa.
We "laughed" at the guy from the business programme who went from being almost a household name to nobody in the flick of a channel.
Both sets of 6pm news and the following current affairs programmes are all terrible so I'm pleased TVNZ has it right with Breakfast.