Thursday, 1 April 2010


Murray McCully and Geoffrey Palmer have shown  enormous fortitude and pragmatism to arrive at what is the best solution for whales and the whalers.

We have long been strong advocates for common sense on this issue. It time people stopped and thought if they had the right to impose their cultural values others .
At a media conference today headed by Foreign Minister Murray McCully and New Zealand's IWC representative Sir Geoffrey Palmer, the pair said New Zealanders needed to put emotion aside and accept that different countries and cultures had different takes on whaling.
Mr McCully said the "acceptable" part of any compromise it was yet to be agreed to, but it would have to involve a big reduction in the annual whale cull, and that was the mandate the Government had given to New Zealand's negotiating team. 

And when we look at todays appalling crime statistics, our efforts would be better spent saving our kids than some oversized cows of the sea.


Eye2theLongRun said...

Good call...... how come it's cool to scoff tuna while lambasting Japanese taste for whales? Inconsistent ramping up of one's own values that's all.....

Anonymous said...

Key will love the blood soaked images coming up of shooting whales off Kaikoura. Him pressing the harpoon button with that dumb grin showing 100% stupidity.
In a global face near you soon.

Pass it on.

gravedodger said...

Chris "Koru Club"Carter is toooo thick to see any merit in this approach. It is such a shame that his 'poor me' attitude to every thing he doesn't agree with is labeled meritless. We are dealing with the proud scandies and the Japanese who have been driven to a position where the issue is now "saving face" and this initiative just maybe a dam breaker.
Why is our national position so bloody arrogant and offensive.

Doug said...

Japan adds new charges against anti-whaling activist.

adamsmith1922 said...


My comments on the protesting hysterics