Saturday, 17 April 2010


Well it appears that we were onto something when we suggested that the  Mayoral race down south maybe overshadowed by the Masterton Mayoralty.

Then this morning we open the Wairarapa Times Age to find that paper (story not online yet) has conducted a poll on peoples voting preferences.  Beyer has coming out and gazumped the sitting Mayor Garry Daniell securing 63% of the votes in the poll. Georgina has not formally stated her intention to stand but she  must be bouyed by the result. She has made it clear that she is keen to support council amalgamation and it may be her support for this issue alone that already has her snaring a large body of support.

Former NZ First Party MP Ron Mark had indicated that he would be standing for the Carterton Mayoralty 
however he has just been appointed the CEO of the Federation of Maori Authorities - one of the political powerhouses of Iwi commercial interests.

So it will be interesting to see if he still pursues the mayoral option.

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CW said...

What about Edwin Perry?

If my memory serves me right, he polled higher than the current Mayor in their respective wards last time round.

He'd be a better bet