Friday, 16 April 2010


Trevor Mallard has made some predictions over at Red Rag  that the stodgy Aaron Gilmore might be prepping up for a tilt at the  selection for Invercargill  on the basis that Eric Roy may resign. Well if Eric decides that it is time to  hang up his kilt
( and we are not sure he is ready to hand over his dirk) then we expect a good candidate to step into the breach. But it wont be Aaron Gilmore.

We reckon that if the Nats want a logical successor to Eric there is only one candidate.

Thats the Don.  Don Nicholson. He's the man for the job.


mojo said...

Bit of a looker too.

peteremcc said...

bit too right wing for National I think.

Anonymous said...

Nah, far to right wing to be a NAT.
Property rights? The Nats wouldn't know them if they bit them on the arse.

homepaddock said...

Labour must be worried about Eric if they're making up rumours.

Sally said...

Don would be wasted in National politics. He is far too good for that carry on.