Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Rudd Chickens Out

Keeping Stock and Cameron Slater are both calling for John Key & Nick Smith to delay the introduction of the ETS till 2013 'because the Australians are'. We have no opinion on this.

We are concerned about the mental state of those who still deny that human beings are causing global warming. This from a promotional blurb for a book claiming that the proponents of AGW are prosecuting a totalitarian socialist agenda:

"Sick of twisted "facts" mass-marketed to manipulate basic living decisions and common-sense energy consumption, Sussman indicts a cabal of elitist politicians, bureaucrats and activists who front the environmental movement to push intrusive, Marxist-derived policies in a quest to become filthy rich." - Climategate


Anonymous said...

So what are you trying to say exactly?

That anyone who questions AGW is insane?

Or maybe you're just another National party patsy not prepared to go against the party line because you're as deep in the trough as the rest of them.

Funny how quickly things change aint it? It's only taken 18 months in power and you guys can't even read the entrails any more. Rudd can. Hows that forestry deal looking now?

We are not going to let you drag our country down. Take that to the bank.

You make me sick.

And yes I'll sign off as an anon cause I don't trust you losers as far as I could throw you.

History will judge you all.

barry said...

Oh - comeon - there is PLENTY of evidence that the climate is changing, but there is no very much evidence that human activity is causing it. In fact I cant find any definite evidence that CO2 has the supposed effect that the climate community says it does. We do know that both poles are showing an increase in ice currently, and we know that sea level is probably not rising (thats if you believe that you can actually measure the sea level itself. Places like New O'rleans show a sea level rise, but thats because actually that part of the land is falling - its fallen half a metre in the last century. Nothing to do with sea level rising)
The error I sea about all the attention on AGW is that if that wrong, then weve been taking the wrong action and well be worse off when we wake up. Some say its to late anyway to stop the effects, so lets start planning for the effects.
And finally if CO2 is really a problem, then when the believers of that say 'Lets go nuclear' I will believe that they actually believe what they say - because nuclear is the only way to stop CO2 production - on a large scale.

Anonymous said...

I guess you will have no trouble showing mad deniers a clear proof that AGW exists, is dangerous and
handing millions to troughers and treaty fraudsters via the ETS will prevent climate change.
Since you called me a flea last time I commented I have to ask who the hell you think you are?
Mrs. Saddam maybe?
Actually you are a low-class lump of monied trash.

Sally said...

If you have no opinion on the ETS why did you raise the subject and then question the mental state of those who have an opinion of the global warming AGENDA?

Why is Key and Smith hell bent on pushing an ETS tax onto kiwis that will have no effect whatsoever on reducing global emissions but will reduce the living standards of their people?

One can't help but question just exactly who their MASTERS are? IMHO it certainly is not the people that voted them into power.

Anonymous said...

One has to be concerned at the mental state of anyone who, given all the evidence available (not just that approved by climategate propogators) and even a basic understanding of weather systems, can categorically state that there is such a thing as AGW.