Sunday, 18 April 2010


We  have been reading over at Homepaddock that home cooks who bake for charity are under scrutiny..

Homepaddock thinks its bollocks and we agree.

Funny thing is at the Masterton  Sunday morning  boot sale  our favourite little old ladies who bake THE BEST chocky chip bikkies were being accosted by some food official.   Now its just wrong for them to be bullied and harassed because someone has gone all PC over market food.  Now the Masterton Farmers Market is very regulated and the food is understandably more expensive. So we shop for bikkies and stuff at the boot market.. After all  a bag of homemade chocochip bikkies for $1.50 is a steal. 

Now there are heaps of regulars at the market. there is the lady who makes theTHE BEST peanut bikkies in the world and another who does a great date loaf. There is Wendy who sells Wendys honey lovingly supplied from a hive she has in her back garden.. There is rewena bread, someone else does a boil up and there are jams jellies and chutneys to die for.
Our rule is  we try a stall holders food once  and if we dont get a crook guts and die we wil buy it again. Its our choice.
The Farmers Market is a commercial enterprise but the Boot sale is just a few old timers, widows and a few solo mums doing something to get a bit of cash. Whats the bloody harm in that???

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mrs maringi said...

Sooooo agree with you BB.
All those food safety facists need to bog off.

Along with those Ministry of Health wallies who say tank water isn't safe to drink.

And the geniuses who banned re-homing red shavers from the egg farms for health reasons..