Monday, 19 April 2010


We watched Patrick Gower's shift from the Herald to TV3 with interest. He has some talent but  on the face of it  his latest story about Tuhoe stepping up to get "total " control of the Ureweras as part of a treaty settlement is a beat up. A really big beat up - the sort that fuels redneck racism. 
So why do we think its a beat up  - well because the Treaty Minister the gracious Chris Finlayson says so. We are very glad he did. It would be an outrage if the Government was going to give away a big corner of the country lock stock and punga trees   to one group of families as their exclusive fiefdom  because that's essentially what the story meant.


Hon Christopher Finlayson

Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations

19 April 2010

Media Statement   

Statement on Treaty negotiations with Ngai Tuhoe
At no point in the negotiations have Ngai Tuhoe asked for any form of separatism from New Zealand or an independent Tuhoe state.  Those issues are simply not part of any negotiation the Crown is undertaking.  The Crown has not, and will not, make any offer to Ngai Tuhoe that includes such forms of redress.  Any claims by TV3 or other media organisations are simply untrue.

The Crown and Ngai Tuhoe have been engaged in negotiations for nearly two years.  The negotiations raise a number of complex issues which both parties are working through in a constructive manner and we hope to see progress in the near future.

Ngai Tuhoe have discussed the importance of Te Uruwera and the Crown is currently exploring with them what form any redress might take.  The Crown has made clear its position that any settlement must recognise the rights of all New Zealanders, including public access and conservation values.

So there we have it... Its not a runner...  However we reckon up in the mists of the Ureweras there will be a little band of Tuhoe who think that its all true and even if it never comes to pass, its the way they will see things anyway and if white people venture too far up that a -ways well they just might not come back.....They are the silly buggers Gower probably had a yarn to. 

So Patrick - you owe us a beer for scaring us and the rest of TV3 watchers unnecessarily....

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