Thursday, 1 April 2010


We have long been advocates for a decent motorhome park in down town Wellington and we are delighted to see its a reality.

Newbie scribe Melissa Mcdonald over at News Wire have the story  complete with the revelation that there will be a bit of a price hike for Rugby World Cup. Double the rate in fact. So for the moment its about $12 for 12 hours - so essentially it will be $24 for a day. However - during the world Cup that will increase to $50.

While the price may  seem steep , the parking areas comes with a set of ablutions so with think it will be in very high demand. 

Well done the Wellington City council.

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gravedodger said...

At $1 an hour if that translates to $24 a day sounds good to me for a site so close to central Wellington. Hard to find a camper site under $30 today with the convenience of the wharf site.Aas to $50 during the WRC still a good deal, particularly if some basic ablution facilities are also available to augment the time limitations of Self contained status, in my case we are pushing our limits at 4 days unsupported.