Thursday, 22 April 2010


We ar off to a sparrrow fart  early breekie with PR and Communications types to hear  this fella talk. Eugene Ryder.  Thought we would do a bit of  home work  - we have crossed paths in our past. So it seems that Mr Ryder thinks that gang problems  stem from colonisation and that is worthy of a  treaty claim .


apparently we are going to hear how to do PR for difficult types...  

The chick in charge of the NZ  Prostitutes Collective Catherine Healy is also going to talk on the same topic.

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Eugene Ryder said...

Hmmm! Wonder if your 'homework' outlined some of the context with which this statement was made? As i said, the claim process is one way we can 'tell our story', from our perspective!
ps i also think hostile environments are based on ones inability to be open to have their values/beleifs challenged. Hope i challenged yours!!