Tuesday, 27 April 2010

License to Rant

We accepted an invitation to do the occasional political rant ( with certain restrictions and a requirement to refer to ourselves as we inspite of it being just me) while the regular team where away killing defenseless creatures on an island far, far away.The only problem is that we don't know much about politics and indeed find it a little dull.

Politics feels like an insiders game that is no doubt of immense interest to insiders like David Farrar, Cameron Slater and the team over at Red Alert but less inspiring to those of us at the tax paying end of the pencil. We haver been consistently impressed with Cactus Kate that she mostly focuses on policy and doesn't attempt to impress us with her intimate relationships with politicians and players. Cactus manages to write very long posts, something we will not be emulating. Three paragraphs is more than enough.

One blog we do follow with a political bent is www.aucklandtrains.co.nz , it does an excellent job by targeting a niche market in the blogosphere. Get over there and have a look; it isyour money being spent.

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