Wednesday, 11 May 2011


It looks like it. We are delighted to read about our tribes future from the NZ Herald.
We are delighted that Mark Solomon keeps presenting all the good financial ideas the tribe has as his own, when in fact the real financial grunt comes from Wally Stone et al new appointments to the Table.

We are delighted that Mark still manages to sound like a complete arrogant prick.

All that aside Maori do have the collective financial grunt to be a force to be reckoned with in the years ahead we have said that for a bloody long time.

Fran has written an illuminating piece on the tribe , and we are not sure if its deliberate or not but you get the impression that Solomon was waving his big swinging todger around while he was being interviewed.

We are also delighted to hear that iwi will be able to invest in the commercial assets of the tribe. However we would have thought that it is more important to tell the people what the tribe is up to before telling the rest of New Zealand and a quick scan of the cuzzies indicates that this is the first they have heard of it. Mind you a few of us were on the muttonbird islands ( and many still are ) doing what Ngai Tahu/Waitaha/ KatiMamoe Maori traditionally do.

But then that says it all really. They are getting on with making their own way in the world while Solomon gets to play around with other peoples money and then forgets to ensure that they at least know what the grand plan is and there is a deep suspicion among many down south that Mark is quick to let people think that he is the brains behind the tribe.

Better communications boys with the people you serve .. please otherwise you just come across as paternalistic twats.

And less of the puff pieces and more accolades for the real financial thinkers behind the strategic direction the tribe is heading.

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Evelyn Cook said...

It has long been my impression that Mr Solomon would rather drink poison than admit that Wally Stone et al have anything positive to offer the iwi.

It would be wonderful if the whanau were first to hear our financial information, in fact, something that has been one of my grievances over many years. Still, puff pieces in the MSM always seem to be more important to the Kaiwhakahaere than accountability and transparency to us. This is another in a long line of using the hard work of others to pat himself on the back. I doubt that he will ever change.