Friday, 17 June 2011


What has probably passed a lot of people by is the absolute dismay of some Hone Harawira supporters after their leader fronted up to the Destiny Church God bothering session for Maori politicians. Two of his strongest blogging supporters were gobsmacked to say the least. It appears that Hone has tried to justify his apparent support of Destiny but its not washing with them.

Now we have seen Destiny make an assault on one of the great Maori institutiuons the Maori Womens Welfare League.

We wonder what Hone has to say about that????

And lordy be - doesn't Mrs Tamaki look for all the world like she is a sista to that freaky fickle rip off femme Mrs Tammy Faye Bakker?

The Tamaki's are religious mudguards - all shiny on top and shit underneath just like the Bakkers were.


jabba said...

goodness me .. most real priests/fathers, whatever, that I have meet live pretty frugal lives .. maybe they should start up their own church??

alex Masterley said...

The saintliest bloke I know, an officer in the Salvation Army has after a lifetimes service moved into the first home he has owned.

gravedodger said...

Brunette, "religious mudgards", wonderful imagery, right up there, might have to ask to borrow it sometime.

Anonymous said...

Ostentatious is the word, I hope i've spelt it right?

Storm Ina deCup said...

Starting my own cult this weekend, gotta collect tithes to get my roots done for my glamour photo!

Anonymous said...

She is heaps better looking than any of you lot and probably lightyears better for poor maori as well.

kehua said...

Yep those Whakablondes have the goods.

Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

PERFECT Assessment!
And staying with the nutters, what's with Ratana calling Hone-bro "a prophet"!!! Boy, have they conveniently missed something!
Akuhata Kiwa (1917) prophesied the coming of Ratana himself (as did a number of other maori seers), saying: “This young man will come before I have passed through death’s veil. There will be no prophets or knowledgeable teachers after him, never.” In their zealous support of Harawira, the good folk of Ratana seem to have forgotten that particular prophecy: there - will - be - no - more - prophets - after - Ratana.
Hipa Te Maiharoa (1868) said: “The one who will save (the maori people) will come forth in the Taranaki area…”. But being born in Whangarei and raised in west Auckland, Hone again doesn’t fit the bill.


Barry said...

From time to time one hears on the Willy and JT programme on radio live that "you fellas just dont understand maori politics"

and thats sure right.

Ive never understood the relationship between Labour and the Ratana. Since they got together, Labour have screwed maori all the time, yet maori and Ratana in particular, have stuck with the organisation that have done almost nothing for them.
Now Maori are in love with Destiny - thats not so bad, But then the politicians turn up at the church and weve got a Ratana/maori politicians setup all over again. Geuss who will get screwed.....

Then we see the complete embarrisment of the Maori Party candidate in the north. Really - it just goes to prove that most komatua are just silly old buggers who should be kept within a retirement village.
Now Destiny want to take over the maori womens welfare league. Ill wager now that she will get the position and that destiny will rape and pillage the money but that the maori will stick with her. I also know where the 'welfare' will be going.....

Yes - Willy and JT are right - I dont understand maori politics - i just cant understand the desire for self destruction that seems to be so deeply involved with the concept.