Monday, 27 June 2011


We are delighted our mate Cactus has started on that tough journey to become an MP for ACT.

We first got to know Cactus when we started blogging prior to the last election. Her ascerbic wit and clean writing appealed to us as did her ability to articulate difficult issues and she was also well connected despite living off shore.

She has a huge intellect and to her friends she is loyal beyond measure. However, even her best mates and people she actually likes are not spared her opinions. It just goes with the Cactus package.

We first met her at a MP's house, who was later to become a Minister, the day after the last election.

We have been mates ever since and in one way or the other communicate every day or so.

Cactus is very rightish on all issues but to count her as heartless is to do her a considerable diservice.

She is actually a very kind, generous young woman (the shadow of 40 has yet to fall on her) and her largesse extends to those who find themselves in shitty situations through no fault of their own.

And those on the left who think she is racist are just silly. She has no time for people who lack ambition or don't make an effort to support themselves. Her opinions are not based on race - she simply has no time for people who suck off the public tit. She has no time for Maori leaders who foster a grievance mentality and welfare dependence.

She enjoys political debate and she has given some of my union and Maori mates plenty of lip without fear . She genuinely likes them as people , enjoys their company but she just makes it very clear that their philosophies are shit.

So we think that she will make a bloody good MP. Her problem will be boredom. The pace in parliament is mind numbingly slow if you are not a Minister. She would need to be given some big projects and as David Farrar says - there is no - one more suited to sorting out the financial and tax sector than Cactus.

ACT has a big opportunity to win some public respect by putting forward some candidates that will resonate with the public. The younger members of ACT - who make up a strong core of the party machinery would be keen to see Cactus take her place on the hill.

Older members have considerable admiration for her intellect she is a confidente of many member of the Business Round Table and many top media commentators and journalists.

So we ask the ACT board and its members - choose wisely and you will see the party grow again.

Choose only men and really odd women like Hillary Calvert and you wont.


Anonymous said...

Spot on.

If she is selected, and high enough, I will support her.

Mere male.

Anonymous said...

Can she see Australia from her front door yet ?

willy_wopper said...

Not much point in commenting on your blog as you only ever publish comments you agree with. Cactus at least publishes all comments excepting obscene ones.

Cactus Kate said...

Not true, sometimes I publish the obscene ones just for fun.

Anonymous said...

i hope her views on fixing the tax system are to flatten the bloody thing and apply a tax free threshold to shut the lefties down. Then we can address the wanton waste that is inherent in tax churn with Welfare for families, and take a chainsaw to the IRD, MSD, WiNZ.
Doing those things would take about 4 hours to enact, so then she could draft legislation to repeal the RMA.
Then the productive of the country could get back to their roles of producing stuff, which includes jobs and wealth for the country.