Monday, 27 June 2011


Its all a bit dododododo Twilight Zone but what would you expect in election year.

However it seems we have made the list of "monitored" right wing blogs.

No one on the Right would bother "monitoring" the left wing blogs - they are too boring.

Funny thing is its called the Jackal. An ugly dog called a dingo in Aussie. Or a left wing fanaticist who murdered for islam extremists and communists.

And remember the real Jackals are crepuscular - They hunt under the shadow of darkness - how very socialist...


alex Masterley said...


All the Blogs I like in one place.

Watching the lefty commentary is quite amusing.

And identifying who is behind it will be fun!

Old Cromwell said...

Yeah, thanks Jackal. It is good to have all these links in one easy to find place. In fact there are a couple that I don't follow, so I will make sure I do from now on.

Tinman said...

Fantastic idea!

Who said the communists are good for nothing?

Anonymous said...

Jackal - a blend of jackass and sfa.

Anonymous said...

I followed your link to the Jackal, who has written insights when they meant incites.

Anonymous said...

The Jackal is also a character in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Lady said...

You're welcome alex/old.

Busted Blond is correct in that I enjoy the night but incorrect that a Jackal is a Dingo:

The inspiration for my avatars name was David Garrett's excuse for stealing the identity of a dead baby.

PS I'm not a Communist Tinman.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

She calls herself a jackal? More like a jackass by her commentary on No Minister.

bobux said...

Comedy gold.

Peter Dunne has now turned into an evil right-winger. Presumably this wasn't the case during his many years as Helen Clark's Minister of Tax-Gathering.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to be on that list. It appears that being a staunch Calvinist with a belief that Attila the Hun should be condemned for socialism ain't enough.

But then, I blog on the lectionary, and no one from the left can handle that much Bible.