Monday, 15 August 2011

New Zealand Idle

Suffering from declining advertising revenue and the governments decision to reallocate broadcasting spend ( to getting John Key onto North American prime time television) the producers of "New Zealand Idol" have had to rethink how to stage this popular and cutting edge edutainment event. They have taken inspiration from the comedy Outsourced : here for the first time anywhere is secret footage of the finalists to appear on next seasons contest:


Lambcut said...


Lambcut said...

I saw a similar act in Bangkok a few years ago. I have spent a very significant amount of time in Thailand over the years and am used to the high pitched, tonal language style singing voices of the locals. But in this case, me and my pals, all ex pats, didn't know if it was a piss take or not. The locals in the audience weren't laughing. It wasn't a touristy sort of a place but a few tourists that were there were falling about the place. My party, who were well used to Bangkok’s better known excesses, were absolutely mortified in this instance.

Don't know what’s going on in this clip either. The ethics of watching someone who doesn’t know what an ass they are making of themselves are distinguishable from the ethics of watching someone who gets, and on that basis, perpetrates the joke.

I never knew with Chloe of Wainui either. In any event, BM’s performance is described by the judges as both stunning and breathe taking. None of them seem to know it is a cringe worthy performance by them all. TV best avoided.