Thursday, 15 April 2010


We have it from a very good source that the United States Government has asked the Australian
Government not to do anything stupid or rash about taking Japan to the
International Court of Justice in the Hague.

 There is a meeting in Washington DC this week to discuss the compromise
option being put forward. We have  attached the compromise where it currently
stands at present, and Japan's statement on this. These can be found on the
IWC website:

The International Whaling Commission will work cooperatively to improve the conservation and management of whale populations and stocks on a scientific basis and through agreed policy measures. By improving our knowledge of whales, their environment and the multiple threats they face, the Commission will strive to ensure that whale populations are healthy and resilient components of the marine environment

So here is the report

Support Group Report                                                            

and the Japanese  position


The stakes are high and its not about whales - its about trade. Silly Pete Bethune.


Unknown said...

south park, season 11, episode 13.

Anonymous said...

Add to the 33,000 whales killed under objection & special [bullshit] permits the number of IUU -incidental unregulated unreported- whale kills [as so-called by-catch- net entanglement etc] and the total is more like 60,000. One would have thought that would have been more than enough for the renegade japanese -Koreans etc.
One suspects whales will go the same way as blue fin tuna. In August 2006, investigations revealed that Japan had been illegally overfishing for Southern Bluefin tuna over a period of 20 years, taking 178,000 tons of tuna above what was allowed. Southern Bluefin tuna is now considered critically endangered by the IUCN.
Negiotiation or agreements with japan are almost meaningless as they do what they wnat to do in any case.