Sunday, 11 April 2010


We will be keeping a close eye on what is shaping up to be the second most interesting mayoral battle  in the country. 

It's the one between  Tim  Shadbolt and Suzanne Prentice.  We have never liked Shadbolt that much  - He has  done some good for the south though - his constant attention seeking has meant that the South has enjoyed a reasonable media profile. 
After all Tim is famous for being famous. 

Suzanne is a business woman who also knows the art of  promotion and  her first foray into local body politics as a sitting member of the Invercargill Licensing Trust has obviously whetted her appetite for a wack at the Southern Local body crown. 

The South, despite its conservative streak, has been kind to women local body aspirants. They voted in Eve Poole , one of the best and most formidible Mayors of Invercargill and ex kindy teach Frana Cardno has become, as Southalnd District Councils Mayor of long standing, its best cheeleader. 

So Suzanne's tilt will come as no surprise. She is independently wealthy enough that the job is not about the money  - for her it will be about making a difference.

Its a different story for Shadbolt though - the best he can do is go back to pouring concrete. He has never done much else  - He is humourous enough that perhaps he can do the country pub circuit and spin a few yarns but thats about it. 

So for him, he has everything to lose.  He isn't above fighting dirty and and he has made some very significant enemies in the south. 

The ex driving instructor Neil Boniface  and current deputy Mayor is the other possible contender for the Mayoral chains and there is no love lost between he and Shadbolt. He is also a career politician. He is a nice enough bloke but not Mayoral material. 

So our money is on Suzanne. She is a sensible, smart  savvy and loves Southland.  Just what the South needs . 


Julie said...

Do you have any idea what her politics might be? I've yet to find anything about her candidacy that indicates where she might sit on the political spectrum...

Sally said...

"Suzanne is a business woman ...."

That is news to me.

What exactly are her business skills?