Friday, 17 June 2011


Our Hone - not the whingy whiny Hone - Hone Key.

John Key reckons that Kelvin Davis will win Te Tai Tokerau. And he will. We have no doubt that National will have been polling the crap out of the electorate and already know what way the cards will fall.

And we think that the Maori Party deliberately put up Solomon Tipene so that the focus would be on a two horse race.
We also expect in the final few days that Solomon will concede and tell his supporters to put their votes firmly in behind Davis.

Dover Samuels also makes a good suggestion and one that has in some part been actioned - and that is that the National party Maori supporters should be asked to vote Kelvin. Keys proclaimation on the likely outcome of Te Tai Tokerau goes part way to addressing that and Dover also underestimates something else - right leaning voters are smart - they will vote strategically as a matter of course.

And why do we think that Northern voters should vote Kelvin Davis? We he is simply the most exciting Maori MP Labour has in its ranks for decades. He is Ministerial material.

New Zealand washed away the political stain that was Winston Peters at the last election - We are confident that Maori in the Far North will see that by supporting Kelvin Davis they will have a better future - With Hone all they will get is a reminder of a bitter past.


jabba said...

from the limited knowledge I have of Davis, is that he seems sane, smart, genuine and possibly minister material .. unusual with todays Labour MP's.
It is a pity he is a former teacher, now a politician, as many who have travelled that path seem to struggle as teachers are used to talking, not listening .. take Trev as an example.

Anonymous said...

Hone Key Honkey , if you have trouble with the "K". What about Hongi?

Anonymous said...

A huge election for Northland Maori, they have a clear choice between Hone who only believes in hand outs & has a grievance mentality vs Kelvin who in essence pushes for self improvement & has the capacity to really make a difference to Northland.
There's a strong undercurrent who want to go the Kelvin direction, for a tribe that felt superior to be economically smashed by Nga Tahu & Tainui it has to be hurting, but they'll never ever compete economically with those tribes under the sort of leadership Hone gives, so as I say a crucial election, not only for Northland Maori, but Northland generally.

Raymond a Francis said...

Very impressed with Kelvin, walks the talks the talk
Wouldn't be surprised if he goes right to the top
As for teachers not listening, that's the old school teachers (and Trev is a perfect example)not the modern type
Disclaimer; I am married to one and I sure she listens to me ocassionaly

Nigel said...

@Raymond, I agree, Kelvin has the X-Factor, he is Labour's equivalent of John Key in many ways.
My mother is Southland & as red-neck as they come, she loved a speech of Kelvin's ( in Northland ), that ability to appeal to Middle White NZ & Maori is a very potent combination.
I once thought it was a shame he left teaching, I was wrong, as a teacher he changed a city ( Kaitaia ), as a Politician he could change Northland & potentially NZ.