Saturday, 12 September 2009


He apologises. He bent over and took one from Cactus and Whale. Ouch.

Bomber Bradley has been under intense attack from both Cactus and Whale Oil at Gotcha who chided him for being a blogger for hire and a leftie blogger in the pay of the PR firm noted for its rightish leanings owned by our good mate Matthew Hooton. Bomber has waded into the Labs issue with gusto - doing some guerrilla interviews which ended up on TVNZ but he got paid to do it and probably paid very very well. It has signalled the end of his independence. Anyway we think Bomber showed just how naive he is. He will never ever be a capitalist. He is too fucking stupid for that - his brand is his meal ticket and he has just destroyed it.

And he really doesn't even make a good principled leftie - he has also admitted that he doesn't always believe everything he writes. So now we know that he is just trying to be the shock jock blogger of the left. We hope he gets his Labour membership revoked... At least the venal little creeps over at the Standard stay principled.


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