Monday, 7 September 2009


We were particularly saddened by this story. It seemed so unfair that two women who were victims of human trafficking were fined for passport fraud. No we have seen first hand what happens to these women. One night after a glass of bubbles too many, we and a mate decided to go to Splash Palace, Courtenay Place's' famous strip joint. It was full of stunning Eastern European women strippers. We lasted the length of a small drink. It was just too depressing.

Anyway, it appears the people of Ukraine are being exploited in life and in death

As the German Newspaper Spiegel has uncovered, body bits from cheap Ukrainian corpses find a ready market in developed nations.

In an interesting step, one of our favourite online Newspapers, the Kyiv Post has put its money where its morals are. In a recent editorial they have revealed they willl no longer carry the adverts that have probably led to the exploitation of their countrys vulnerable women.

The Kyiv Post has indirectly participated in the commercial exploitation of women by publishing advertisements that most likely promoted prostitution under the euphemistic headings of "introduction" and "relaxation."Mohammad Zahoor, the Kyiv Post’s new owner, has stopped the practice, effective the Sept. 11 issue. He's taken a small, but important, step to counter exploitation where he can. Now let’s hope many other people do also.

Well done them.

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