Sunday, 20 September 2009


After spending the last two days shifting apartments we are now in the Koru Lounge in Wellington on a little trip to Christchurch and we are surrounded by All Blacks. Now for many of our years we have been able to smell the piquant fragrance of power - the pheromones that those in charge give off in litres. It is the best of all aphrodisiacs. We can report that the smell of success on All Blacks who have just whooped the arse off the Wallabies is that same heady, scent.

It would be enough to make banty chickens like Cactus all moisty.

She is right - Carter is a wee cutie. We however find the older alpha males, like Wayne Smith much more attractive.

UPDATE Lordy - After blogging on our good fortune about being surrounded by All Blacks and enjoying the scent of success, Big Oil is worried we will stick to our seat.....

And Irish Lass suggests that maybe the young bucks would appreciate a Cougar... Flea bitten Tigger maybe but we aint a cougar.......

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LAMBCUT said...

Yup. Lamcut concurs. No cougars here. Must be a family thing. Smith beats the pants off the young boys who actually play in the team as to sheer besotting gorgeousness.