Monday, 7 September 2009


YEHA. We watched the set up of Gotcha with interest. Cactus lasted five minutes proudly declaring that such a close an interdependent relationship was not for her..

The lefty blogs got their tiny balls all in a knot over the split. We love Gotcha. Its got all the promise of a continually squawking newborn. Love it or hate it but it demands your attention.

In the process of the set up, the twat that is Keith Ng over at Commo Central ( aka Public Address ) tried to find out who really owned the site which was lodged somewhere in never never land. ( btw Keith, buddy, you aint even close to working that out )

Anyway in a classic up your arse with a hot piece of barbed wire , Cactus has set up another company in never never land called Keith Ng Limited.

She now owns him.

Never play chess with the bitch.

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