Thursday, 24 September 2009


Yesterday we went to the funeral of Garry Ralph Ward. It wasn't so much a funeral as an ocassion. You see Garry and a few mates like Thorpey and Quinny had been to a funeral of a mate about ten years ago and were bored ridged after a lengthy rambling very religious service. So all three went home and wrote their services.
So the instructions for Garry's funeral were specific. It wasnt to be boring, he named some of the music he wanted and the people he wanted to speak.

Anyway, there were poignant moments of sadness, large doses of humour, and the odd revelation and just like Wardy it was never ever boring - not even for a second.

Garry was a good kiwi bloke who had an impact on many many peoples lives. He heart was firmly captured by his family and his passions were broadcasting and sport. He got to live his dream on so many levels and he lived each day to the full and included many in his good life.

After the service at the Old St Pauls, we all departed to the Sports Cafe as per Garry's instructions. It was what all funerals should be , a few moments to reflect the loss of a loved one from our lives followed by a celebratory look at the impact they had on us all , and finally a few beers and wines to lubricate everyones memories and tell some more yarns.

So in the next few days we will probably sit down and plan our funeral. And we promise, it wont be a long service, we will demand humour and like Garrys it will be a bloody interesting and enjoyable and memorable occasion.


CW said...

It was an amazing gathering of people for an amazing person. On one level it was like a Newstalk ZB reunion. However, conspicuous by their absence was management from Auckland. Where the hell was Bill Francis? Rhys Nimmo, the Wellington boss of TRN and one of the planet's good guys, waved the company flag with aplomb. But, it was a poor no show from Auckland management.

Anonymous said...

That was the greatest farewell I have ever attended. No concentration on God or Jesus, rather a tribute to Garry Ward and his personal contribution.

We won't see his like again.

Signed: Yet another of Wardie's best mates, Spaz