Tuesday, 15 September 2009


We were lucky enough to be invited out to lunch today - only trouble is it was at Dockside. Now we haven't had many good experiences there lately. The venue is undoubtedly one of Wellingtons finest but boy has the food gone down hill.

Today we had fish and chips. Now normally they do lovely crumbed terakihi and shoestring fries. Today it was poor mans shark - Warehou and boy it was older than Neptunes trident. We were very polite because we were the guest of a good mate but we only ate about a third of the offering. It tasted like it smelt - fishy. And it was overcooked and the one thing you cannot do to Warehou is overcook it. Its a firm , large flake fish that needs to be slightly undercooked in our opinion.

Anyway our mate got called away and our old lunch buddy Spaz decided he needed a change of venue. So it was off to Shed Five. He had a taster of crab and we had one of those volcano chocky puds - all crispy on the outside all slurpy liquid inside... it was one of the finest desserts we have had in ages.

And it was rugby day at Shed Five. Website boys wooing the Rugby Union and Leon Grice lunching with two of the most beautiful men we have seen in a while. Leon is doing some big time rugby stuff for Minister McCully.

Cactus is a firm believer that the best eye candy is always to be found in the best restaurants.

She is right. Todays beefcake offering would have had her insides turn to the same consistency as our chocky pud.....


Cactus Kate said...

Stone the Russell Crowe's I have taught YOU something about eating out.

Food and alcohol is secondary to eye candy.

Who wants good food at a poor people's establishment when you shall be put off looking at inbreds who eat with their mouth open and smelly unkempt Green Party supporters.

Anonymous said...

CK (and I don't mean Calvin Klein) BB will tell you about the great whitebait feast at the Shed.

You are a woman.... You should be able to multitask and therefore munch and/or sup whilst having a good old perve

Cactus Kate said...

Indeed, but hot eye candy makes up for bad food.

I am yet to be converted to whitebait. Hell it's only been two years since I discovered oysters.

Like everything else naughty, late starter but making up for it now.

Anonymous said...

They shouldn't be allowed to be that shit at a venue that good.

It used to be a superb restaurant. Now it's just a booze shack, and not a very good one at that.