Tuesday, 8 September 2009


We think this is the funny as fuck story of the week.

Treasury fella loses his notes on a possible restructure of our two spook groups.

Its funnier, in light of our good mates altercation with those watching the watchers, last week

We think that there is great merit in getting the GCSB to play nicely with the SIS and the Police little spooky coppers lot as well. We also think that if the notebook had fallen into the hands of anyone but RNZ, it would have been fuel for stories for bloody weeks.

Now here's a very, very funny odd, almost spooky thing - the tags to the story called CASPERS NOT SO FRIENDLY - dont work.

Maybe we have pissed off the shadow walkers -


We will buy them a beer next time we are in the Feathers or Beaujolais.

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Marty Mars said...

It defies belief that a middle level public servant just happened to drop their spiral notebook on the street (did it make a noise when it landed?) and it just so happened that a journo picked it up. And lo and behold it was full of 'sensitive' info about a non-announced programme. Out of all the people in Welly a journo picked it up? Did the journo see it fall? Did it sit on the road for an hour? I don't think so.

Come on do they really think we are that thick? At least they could have pretended that a member of the public found it, got concerned and handed it to a journo FFS