Wednesday, 16 September 2009


The greenpeace tossers were out in force on the Tauranga harbour today protesting about Palm Oil .. We always think that this is the great green scandal of this decade. In the race to develop " biofuels" poor countries grew palm oil - big money for them so they chopped down trees to plant the cash crop. Not quite what the greenies intended.

Anyway now the holieir than thou Greenies are against Palm oil. And they are blaming the fact the Dairy industry quite like the palm kernels as feed. So they are protesting the landing of shipments of it. Tauranga was todays target - well actually Fonterra was the target . Its been a monumental flop.
As It appears the stuff has nothing to do with Fonterra. ( we think it probably is destined for the chook industry.)

the Herald poll on the issue
shows the public support for this sort of protest is very very low.

Anyway we reckon that the big issue, the serious issue that the world should be grappling with is the emissions of the greenies themselves. These green eaters fart - lots - way more than meat eaters... polluters they are and its time they were taxed for it.

A tax on all brassicas and beans - that would do it.

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Anonymous said...

Palm Kernel Extract (PKE) - which was what Greenpeace was protesting about, is just a waste by-product, not one millimetre of land is cleared for planting it!

Here's the article:

One of the UN Millenium Goal's to "Eradicate poverty and hunger", and since fossil fuel is damaging to our environment and running out, biofuel is the next thing. So what are these Greenies protesting about??

Greenpeace ought to get their facts right before engaging in such stunts, and we should question their intentions for this protest