Sunday, 13 September 2009


Well fuck me.

What can we say. The economic outlook is getting better but is still bloody dire, Labour realises that its policies of collective protectionism - aka the Nanny state pissed everyone off, but they still have the temerity to come out at their conference with a new policy of giving everyone free condoms.

But its rainbow sector group says it should only be for "basic" condoms - meaning the subsidy would not extend to the flavoured and ribbed varieties.

The party's rank-and-file will today vote on the proposal, which its promoters say would help cut down on unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Duh. The lefty fun police will only fund " plain condoms" Goff's big idea are no frills love gloves. What vision! What leadership!

Just goes to show that if you get a group of labour politicians in one room - their focus is still on getting into peoples bedrooms and bathrooms and then taking all the fun out of it.

We think from this day forward we will rename Goff - Spanky in honour of the what we think is their silliest " big" idea ever.

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